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Kalamata School of Olive Oil & Olives

Kalamata School of Olive Oil and Olive (beta)

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A group of people that are experts on all stages of the making of Olive Oil are linked together in order to combine their scientific knowledge and experience by creating a National Database Information Bank for Extra Virgin Olive Oil to which everyone can access either to share their concerns or to get acquainted with better practices of how to produce secure and superior quality products.

  • Nikos Koutsoukos
  • Koutelas George
  • Belissari Beloudo
  • Mitropoulou Konstantina
  • Papanikolaou Aris



Consulting Producer and Olive Oil Production

Counseling to olive growers

Olive Oil Quality Lessons

Around Greece and the World!

Counseling in Olive Oil Factories

Organoleptic Analysis of Olive Oil
Participate in International Olive Oil Competitions!

Olive Oil Consulting

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Sensory Analysis Lessons | Book Now!

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The essential sensory courses by Kalamata Olive Oil & Olives School are  for the professional buyer, importer, category manager, producer, or anyone who wants to gain expertise in evaluating olive oil. Sensory, culinary, chemistry and policy experts guide you through a unique tasting and educational odyssey

New Harvest Olive Oils 2017

Hours of organoleptic testing, Tuesday-Thursday-Friday afternoon 6-8

Starts On:
March 06, 2018
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March 06, 2018
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Spartis str. 51
Kalamata | Messenia | Peloponnese | Greece
George Koutelas: 0030 2721 082613
Nikolas Koutsoukos: 0030 6932716818